The Building Process




  1. Begin

    Meet with a Semler Homes’ Sales Representative and price your home on a lot that you choose.


  2. Sign

    Enter into a purchase agreement with Semler Homes that the Semler Homes’ sales representative prepares for you.


  3. Design

    Deposit earnest money with Semler Homes to start the process of drawing your custom building plans.


  4. Meet

    Meet with the build team to review your plans and specs; also known as the pre-construction meeting.


  5. Permit

    Semler Homes begins the process of permitting which can take up to 2-3 weeks depending on location.


  6. Select

    You begin the process of making your exterior and interior finish selections.


  7. Ready, Set, Build

    Once permits are received, Semler Homes begins the process of building your new home.


  8. Walk-Through

    During construction, you will have a chance to perform a walk-through with the Semler Homes’ electrician to discuss location of outlets and other electrical items.


  9. Build Time

    Length of construction can vary depending on several variables such as size, location, weather, selections, etc. It generally takes anywhere from 90-150 days from permit to completion based on those variables.


  10. Final Walk-Through

    Once your home is complete, Semler Homes will schedule a final walk-through.


  11. City Inspection

    A final inspection is performed by the city and we will receive a Certificate of Occupancy.


  12. Appraise & Inspect

    The lender you are using will come in to do an appraisal and home inspection.


  13. Close

    Finally we have a closing at a title company where Semler Homes transfers title of the property into your name and collects the funds from your lender.


  14. Keys

    Receive the keys to your new home!


**This is a example scenario of the building process, please note that not all projects may follow this example and that this example is only for demonstration.